Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dragonbreath: Attack of the Ninja Frogs by Ursula Vernon

So many people know of the insanely hilarious gorgeousness that is Ursula Vernon, that it seems silly to write an actual review of a book that everyone will love, simply by looking at the cover. I mean, ninja frogs!

Somehow, in the long bleak months between a new offering from the great Ursula, I manage to forget how funny she is. Then I open my coveted ALA review copy of Ninja Frogs and...

Danny Dragonbreath is back and things are Not Good. Wendell has been seen talking to *gulp* a girl. Granted, it is the new exchange student and she is kind of neat and he did say he was just lending her comics and they weren't even girly comics but still....Danny is not happy, until suddenly Suku is being tracked by Ninja Frogs! Danny, Wendell, and Suki must take the bus to Japan and solve the mystery once and for all!

The many good things:

Ninja Frogs!

Taking a bus to Japan! "You haven't been here long enough to appreciate a really good bus system"

"Real live ninjas, a trip to mythological Japan, and pizza for dinner two nights running. Could life get any better?"

Cool ninja facts.

Green comic panels!

A live volcano!

Samurai Geckos!

Ursula Vernon's humor is always fresh, always new. Appealing to children of all ages and adults, Dragonbreath is for anyone who needs a good laugh, who's ever daydreamed in school, and who loves reptiles, mythical or real.

The only I want to watch Danny's cool kung fu movies, like "Vengeance of the Thirteen Masters, in which a blind salamander samurai fights off thirteen ninja clans, using only a pair of chopsticks." But I guess they don't really exist. Sigh.

Verdict: Buy it! Buy it! Buy it!

ISBN: 978-0803733657; Published February 2010 by Dial; ARC provided by publisher at ALA; Purchased for the library; Added to my personal wishlist


Charlotte said...

Yay for Dragonbreath!

Kate Coombs said...

I don't know this series--I will have to take a look, thanks!