Friday, April 2, 2010

Thirteen Treasures by Michelle Harrison

I've been waiting for this book since I first heard a few snippets about it last year, when it wasn't available in the US yet. I was so excited to get an ARC! But I told myself firmly I had to wait to read it until it was almost time for it to be released. So I waited.

Yum. First of all, don't you just looooove that cover? Usually, the British covers are better on fantasy imo, but this one really grabs the reader and it's beautiful besides.

Tanya can't take it anymore and neither can her mother. The fairies that torment her constantly have not only kept her from sleeping but since nobody else can see them, everyone is starting to think she's crazy. Tanya is furious and desperate when her mother sends her to stay with her remote and unfriendly grandmother in the country. She's terrified too. She knows there are fairies everywhere in her grandmother's house. There's no unexpected warming of her grandmother, no touching reunion or explanations. Tanya does discover an unexpected and often uncomfortable and unpredictable ally in Fabian, but when the fairies continue to torment her and mysteries accumulate, who can she trust? There are darker secrets and powers at work than Tanya could imagine and it will take all her courage as well as help from unexpected allies and friends to escape the menace that is waiting for her.

It looks like there's a sequel/companion out in the UK - I will reserve judgment and whapping for unnecessary serialization until I have seen it.

Verdict: This is a dark and twisting fantasy, but not so grim that it's without hope or humor. It's breathtakingly exciting and full of magic and delight as well as fear and confusion. This is perfect for fans of the Spiderwick Chronicles and I can't wait to hand it to my small but fiercely dedicated fans of Victoria Hanley's Violet Wings. As I said in my review of VW, the massive ranks of fairy fans are growing up and while they're certainly not ready for Melissa Marr and her ilk, they're demanding more complex and rich fairy stories.

ISBN: 0316041483; Published April 2010 by Little, Brown; ARC provided by publisher; Purchased for the library

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