Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Alien Encounter by Pamela Service, illustrated by Mike Gorman

I've been eagerly eyeing this one on our cataloging cart, just waiting for it to come into my happy hands. Pamela Service keeps up the good work in her Alien Agent series in the fourth volume!

Zack's fourth adventure isn't as wacky or funny as his previous ones. There's a serious atmosphere, as he's dealing with the painful issue of hiding his big secret from his parents. His assignment touches on that issue and Zack has some very serious moments. But there's plenty of fun also! Talking dogs, alien costume festivals, and cool gadgets abound. Pamela Service does an excellent job of introducing a serious note into the series and bringing one arc of the plot to a close while opening up future story possibilities.

This is THE science fiction series for beginning chapter readers, as well as any kids who like a funny story and a good plot. No repetitions or stereotypes here! Pamela Service handles ideas about tolerance, futuristic science, human behavior, and family dynamics in an age-appropriate, humorous, and fast-paced read. Every book is highly recommended for public and school libraries!

Verdict: Must have! Get it now!

ISBN: 978-0822588733; Published March 2010 by CarolRhoda; Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library

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