Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Attack of the Fluffy Bunnies by Andrea Beatty, illustrated by Dan Santat

Snicker. Just looking at this cover makes me giggle. This book was SO FUNNY!! You don't even have to be a bad horror movie aficionado (I'm not) to appreciate the hilarity.

Joules and Kevin are dumped off at summer camp so their scientist parents can pursue the ultimate SPAM dessert creation. Unfortunately, they're not the only ones stranded at Camp Whatsitooya. Terrible aliens have crashed on earth. Terrifying, horrible creatures. What? They look like rabbits? Yes, but 7 foot tall rabbits with hypnotic eyes and fangs! Can Kevin and Joules save the day? Can you really have too many lanyards? Is there an actual use for SPAM?

A brisk, tight plot accompanied by black and white comics and art and a joke on every page. What more could a reader want? This is a great book for any intermediate reader who likes funny stories, aliens, summer camp, or a quick read. Perfect summer reading! Get it now so you can lure children into your library with it!

Verdict: Laughed myself sick over it, read it out loud to another librarian who also laughed uncontrollably, and we both bought it for our libraries. Go thou and do likewise

ISBN: 978-0810984165; Published May 2010 by Amulet; ARC provided by publisher at ALA; Purchased for the library

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