Monday, April 13, 2009

Manolito Four-Eyes: The 2nd volume of the great encyclopedia of my life by Elvira Lindo

Manolito returns in "the 2nd volume of the great encyclopedia of my life." Funny, gross, warm, and exuberant, Manolito opens the window to another culture while showing how some things stay the same; school, family, and getting into trouble.

The Manolito stories are hugely popular in their native Spain and there are some parallels to the Wimpy Kid books - cartoon-style drawings and some snarky humor. But Manolito lacks the self-awareness of Jeff Kinney's characters and his somewhat innocent, naive approach to life is closer to the French Nicholas of Goscinny. These books will definitely have a more limited appeal than the Wimpy Kid stories, but there's plenty of humor to attract young readers.

ISBN: 978-0761454700; Published April 2009 by Marshall Cavendish; Borrowed from the library

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