Friday, May 7, 2010

My best frenemy by Julie Bowe

I've been waiting to read this until the release date was creeping closer and now it's practically here!

If you haven't introduced your 3rd and 4th grade girls to Ida May, now is the time! Ida May is EveryGirl,with all the little joys and torments of a 9 year old girl. She has a best friend, a fish, a love of drawing, and a loving family.

In the latest Ida May story, Ida's hard-won best friend, Stacey, isn't acting so BFF as she should be....and it's all because of that stupid game Jenna brought to school. Or is it?

Bowe presents the perfect blend of friendship angst, and her characters are rich and varied, no stereotypes here! The characters are realistic and their actions are believable, but not black and white. Ida's realization of the different ways people can be friends and the growth of the various characters pulls the plot of school excitements and friendship bumps along to a satisfying conclusion.

Verdict: I'd recommend these to pretty much any girl in 3rd or 4th grade and they'd also make a great book club selection, as there's plenty of possibilities for discussion (although the story never descends into didacticism, nor is it an "issues" book) I can't wait to show off our library's copy on my school visits!

ISBN: 0803735014; Published May 2010 by Dial; Review copy provided by author; Purchased for the library

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Ms. Yingling said...

Oh, Picky Reader will LOVE this one. Added several to my TBR pile from these posts!