Friday, March 27, 2009

The bear with the sticky paws by Clara Vulliamy

I admit it. I fell in love with this oddly didactic book and the terrifyingly button-eyed characters.

Naughty Lily, whose button-black eyes are definitely creepy, is having a temper tantrum when her mother leaves. But suddenly a fluffy white bear shows up and it's time to have fun! Until the bear with sticky paws makes a big mess - and won't clean up, take a bath, anything Lily was supposed to do earlier. Finally he leaves Lily with the mess just as her mother arrives home and she promises contritely to clean everything up and gets a big hug.

There's some counting involved, although nothing organized. The delicate detail in the illustrations and the fancy games combined with the simple but lilting text make this a perfect choice for toddlers and little ones who look like potential Fancy Nancy fans.

Verdict: Delightful

ISBN: 978-1589250703; Published March 2008 by Tiger Tales; Borrowed from the library


Elisabeth said...

So glad you liked this book! Did you know there were two more titles featuring Lily and the Bear with Sticky Paws? Look for The Bear With Sticky Paws Goes to School, and The Bear With Sticky Paws Won't go to Bed. And ENJOY!

Elisabeth Prial
tiger tales

Jennifer said...

Oooh, yes I noticed there were more - I've added them to my series to fill in wishlist. Alas, although we are about 3,000 short on the materials requirement this year, due to an increase in service population, the budget hasn't increased and I only have about 2 months of picturebook money left *sad face*