Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Suddenly Supernatural: Crossing Over by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

I got about 8 pages in and groaned in disappointment. Why introduce a crush into a perfectly good ghost/mystery series? Why? Why? Yes, yes, I know they are 8th graders, but still!

But....I guess it turned out ok anyways. Kat still sees ghosts and it's an even bigger problem than usual because she's on her way to Montreal on a school trip. With her best friend Jac, both their mothers, and various classmates from the previous books. Not to mention Ben, whom Kat has suddenly developed a crush on. Not only is Kat seeing ghosts, suddenly she's hearing them. Is she developing another talent? Will she ever be able to talk to Ben? What's wrong with Jac? Will they spend their entire tour with a bus full of ghosts?

The resolution of the Kat+Ben+hearing voices was predictable, but still a nice touch. I still think the relationship between Kat and her mother is the best part of the story, although the mystery of the ghosts is fun too. This story seemed mostly a "bridge" adding in new characters and elements for the further continuation of the series.

Verdict: Add this one if you already have the previous volumes in the series; it's not a stand-alone.

ISBN: 0316073695; Published May 2010 by Little, Brown; Borrowed from the library

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