Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Tiara Club at Diamond Turrets: Princess Lindsey and the Fluffy Guinea Pig by Vivian French

I borrowed this one because of the guinea pig! It's published by Orchard Books, a UK publisher who has another well-known sparkly series, Rainbow Magic. There have been lots of other series trying for that magic blend of glitter and inanity, such as Butterfly Meadow, Pony-Crazed Princess, Candy Fairies, etc., but Rainbow Magic is still the most popular I've offered to our readers.

The Tiara Club at Diamond Turrets combines glittery princesses and animals for a slightly odd but obviously appealing story. The main themes of the stories are that every girl is a princess and should always behave like one and practical lessons on taking care of animals. Ok, more than slightly odd perhaps. This particular story includes a glittery pink cover, main character in a wheelchair and various ethnicities represented in the characters (always a nice feature of Orchard Books' series) a little mystery, the series' mean girls who learn a lesson (but will obviously have forgotten it by the next time), and a plump and very cute guinea pig.

Verdict: Nothing new or outstanding here, but if you need another beginning chapter series that will appeal to girls, this is it! Lots of good elements and a fun story. This series of The Tiara Club isn't available in the US, but earlier series, including ones focusing on magical animals and fairytale elements, showed available on my vendor.

ISBN: 978-1846168789; Published July 2010 by Hodder & Stoughton; Borrowed from the library


Ms. Yingling said...

Whoa! Have I been so busy that I didn't notice your new look? It's great-- makes me think about sitting under a tree on a beautiful day with a new book. I love it!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! I am quite fond of it myself, although the endless to read lists can be a little daunting. I like your new look too (well, maybe not the carpet, but hey, you can't have everything) (-:)