Thursday, September 30, 2010

Captain Small Pig by Martin Waddell, illustrated by Susan Varley

This story feels very British, from the seemingly old-fashioned costumes of the characters, to the simple events of the narrative. Unfortunately, I didn't really like it.

Small Pig is enthusiastic about everything - including a row on Blue Lake. Turkey doesn't like anything, and says so. Old Goat isn't really interested in rowing, but indulges Small Pig in everything he asks for. The pictures are charming and lovely with soft pastel hues and a strong pastoral style, but the story just felt very blah to me. Small Pig gets and idea, Turkey phoo-phoo's it, and Old Goat lets him do it. I can see why most of the reviews are favorable - it does have a certain amount of charm and there's a certain comfort in the simple narrative of a day on the lake, but it just didn't attract me.

Verdict: You may want to add it, based on the generally favorable reviews and the pleasant illustrations, but there just wasn't enough plot for my tastes; or, I think, for my patrons. We'd like another dinosaur story from Waddell, please!

ISBN: 978-1561455195; Published March 2010 by Peachtree; Borrowed from the library

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