Thursday, November 4, 2010

Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein

"It was bedtime for the little red chicken." Of course, bedtime requires a bedtime story...but the little chicken just can't resist jumping into the stories and interrupting! Finally, Papa tells her he's all out of stories - so little chicken will have to make up her own!
This is a fun, funny story. The sections of classic fairy tales which little chicken interrupts are drawn in what looks like a parody of Galdone's classic versions and little chicken's wild and unexpected interruptions will bring down the house every time you pull this out at storytime. A fun concept, beautifully executed throughout this unique bedtime story.

Verdict: Highly recommended. Use it to introduce children to classic fairy tales, as an anti-bedtime story, to encourage them to make up their own stories, and just for fun!

ISBN: 9780763641689; Published August 2010 by Candlewick; Review copy provided by the publisher for Cybils; Purchased for the library

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