Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Eeeek, Mouse! by Lydia Monks

When a mouse shows up at breakfast one day, everyone in the family screams "Eeeek, Mouse!" except Minnie. She likes mice - why not? Daddy decides to build a cunning trap, assuring Minnie that the mouse won't be harmed, but Minnie isn't so sure so she comes up with a cunning plan of her own...and soon she has a whole family of mice in her little mouse house! But someone else has a cunning plan of their own - the cat! Can Minnie save her mice?
There's something inherently funny about mice traps, and this story is delightfully familiar and yet new at the same time. The child saving the mice from her parent's trap and the cunning cat has been done before, but Lydia Monks breathes new life into this story with her hilarious depictions of mad inventor Daddy, the cat's violent daydreams, and Minnie's ingenious solutions. "Mouseholes" cut into different pages pull the reader's eyes into the next segment of the story and there are funny asides and details from all the different characters.

Verdict: Recommended - a sweet and funny read with something for everyone to enjoy.

ISBN: 9781606841228; Published May 2010 by Egmont; Borrowed from the library

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