Thursday, December 16, 2010

How Rocket learned to read by Tad Hills

Rocket, an endearing little white dog with black spots, loves to chase sticks and listen to the birds, smell his favorite smells and nap under his favorite tree. But one day...a little yellow bird appears and delightedly tells the confused Rocket that he is her student. Rocket is reluctant to listen to this strange bird, and tries taking his nap under a bush instead. But it's hard to sleep when she starts reading a fascinating story about a dog...and soon Rocket finds himself learning the alphabet and then sounding out words. Just when Rocket is getting the hang of it, the little bird leaves and it is winter - but he doesn't forget his lessons and spends the winter practicising his alphabet and spelling out new words. When the little bird returns, they read together in the warm summer sun.
This story has so many different things to enjoy. The reluctant Rocket and chirpy little bird, gorgeous artwork in the changing seasons, and the many, many words just waiting to be spelled out. It's a celebration of reading and learning, but also an appreciation of the beauty and excitement that's everywhere, just waiting to be explored.

Verdict: Recommended for preschool through 1st grade.

ISBN: 9780375858994; Published July 2010 by Schwartz and Wade; Borrowed from the library


Ms. Yingling said...

This dog reminds me a bit of Harry the Dirty Dog. Still, I have been forbidden from checking out any more picture books to read to my dog. My family thinks I'm weird. Just wait until they see that I got the dog Prelutsky's My dog may be a genius for Christmas!

Jennifer said...

of course, why didn't i see that? and did you know there's actually a collection called "Stories to read to your dog"? It's a collection of easy reader stories (-:)