Saturday, February 5, 2011

This week at the library; or, Yay Snow Days!

We had an unusually large group for Make it and Take it on Monday. I had thought making bookmarks was kinda...well, boring. But it really got the kids excited and we had about 20 kids total, coming in and out. It helped that I ran the program longer than usual, almost until five. We had three different types of die cut bookmarks and lots of glitter and I laminated them for the kids the next day, which worked really well. Check out our pictures here.

As the snow got worse on Tuesday, we decided to close the library at 3pm, so no Wii Gaming. Sadly, someone appears to have stolen one of our controllers so we are down to 3 (they got one of the games last year). I postponed our book club to next week. I only have 3 kids who checked out the book, so...any ideas for making a really vibrant tween book club?

We were closed all day Wednesday - yay snow day! So no Books 'n' Babies, Messy Art Club or adult programs.

Our storytime theme for Thursday was dogs. We had a grand total of 3 children, two of them twins. Ok, some of that is snow, yes. But....I really need a different structure or something for preschool storytime. Or possibly a different date or time, since there are several other highly-attended things going on at the same time Thursday morning. Anyways, we read Please take me for a walk, Katie loves the kittens, and Dogs don't do ballet, which was a new one for storytime and the kids seemed to like it. We did a little snowman rhyme, because of the snow, but I just couldn't get much participation with only 3 kids. We made dog puppets out of brown paper lunch bags and I got one more kid in for that.

I was going to show another movie in the afternoon for open storyroom, but something is wrong with our projector, so I put out the boardgames I keep in the back - Kerplunk, Stratego, and Risk. But we had hardly any kids - just one girl at around 4:30 wandered in and used Kerplunk for a little while.

And that was our rather blah, very cold and snowy week!

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