Monday, January 10, 2011

Alfie runs away by Kenneth Cadow, illustrated by Lauren Castillo

Alfie is upset. His mom makes him take baths, set the table, clean his room...he doesn't like to do any of those things! But when she tries to take away his red shoes, claiming they're too small, it's the final straw and he decides he must run away. So he takes his favorite red shoes, his blanket and his pillow and gets ready to leave. Has he got everything? Fortunately, his mother has some good suggestions about things he will need - his teddy bear, some books, a water bottle...Alfie finally sets off, but discovers running away is a bit harden than he expected and maybe he can find a solution to the shoe problem.

Cadow's simple but lightly humorous story will resonate with frustrated children everywhere, especially those who hate to give up beloved possessions for any reason. Parents will enjoy the gentle humor of the story and both can giggle together about Alfie's predicament while applauding his solution. Castillo's scratchy art is comfortable and full of life, movement and color.

Verdict: Recommended. I think there's another picture book out there about running away and finding all your things too heavy to carry, and several just on running away but this is a nice contemporary look at a topic that hasn't been addressed for a while.

ISBN: 978-0374302023; Published April 2010 by Farrar Straus & Giroux; Borrowed from the library.

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