Friday, March 11, 2011

Read to tiger by S. J. Fore, illustrated by R. W. Alley

I love R. W. Alley's illustrations, so classic and yet so funny. It's a perennial woe to me that no one will check out Wolf's at the door. Too big. Sigh.

This one, though, will fly off the shelf!

A little boy is trying to read. But that annoying tiger just can't be quiet! First he chomps, then he growls...and "it's very hard to read when there's a Karate Tiger behind your couch..."

Finally, Tiger settles down and discovers just what it is that the little boy finds so entrancing about his book and joins in the fun.

The tiger's exuberant stripiness stands out again the couch and it's accessories and the expressions on the little boy and tiger's faces are hilarious. A perfect bedtime story for wandering and rambunctious little ones as well as a fun story for older kids to sympathize with the little boy.

Verdict: Recommended for story times about reading and tigers!

ISBN: 978-0670011407; Published August 2010 by Viking; Borrowed from the library.

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