Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seasons by Anne Crausaz

I am breaking out of my schedule because I could not wait one moment longer to tell you about this book. In this French picture book, a little girl walks through the beauties of the seasons, accompanied by simple text and smooth, modernistic art.

When I took this book out of the review box and dived in, it made me desperately hungry for summer. I could smell and taste it that very moment. I simply had to share it, so I decided to read it at Tiny Tots, our evening storytime. I don't normally do this storytime, but Miss Pattie had to be at a school board meeting (our town may be getting a 4k program next year) and I stepped in. Tiny Tots is all ages, whoever shows up. This evening, one baby, 2 18month olds, and 5 3-ish kids showed up (that was the Most Attentive Baby Ever, btw). We talked a little about what season it was - we agreed it wasn't summer yet, and winter was over because the snow was mostly gone, so it must be spring. Then I opened Seasons and read the first sentences: "Everything is green. It must be springtime. And springtime smells beautiful."

A hush fell over the room. We read every sentence. We talked about the tomatoes and cherries (the kids were sure they were apples). We found the ladybug. We talked about fog. Everyone heaved a very satisfied sigh when we had finished.

The simple text and illustrations are deeply evocative of the joys of the changing seasons. The book circles from spring to summer to autumn to winter and back to spring, making it a perfect story for any season. This book is gorgeous and perfect.

Verdict: A must buy for your picture book section. I cannot recommend this lovely, lovely book highly enough. I am deeply in love with it and I anticipate a long and fulfilling relationship. I think I need a second copy. *happy sigh*

ISBN: 9781610670067; Published March 2011 by Kane Miller; Review copy provided by publisher; Purchased for the library

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