Saturday, March 5, 2011

This week at the library

Another week, and even more never ends. I might as well be in marketing and PR.

  • Make it and Take it - I had a lot of Twisteez wire left over from another project last year, so I handed it off to the kids. They were supposed to make butterflies and other winged insects (I had tissue paper for the wings) but as always when I hand out anything twistable, it gets twisted! Seven and eight year old girls seem to be the age at which they learn to braid and they are fascinated with this new skill. We ended up with quite a lot of fantastic creations, check out some pictures here.
  • Then I stayed late to finish putting together publicity packets for the schools. See what I mean?
  • Thanks to me accidentally sending the cords off with our laptop to a meeting, Wii did not happen.
  • However, I had 6 kids at book club! SIX!! We had quite the argument over the ARCs I brought to share, especially Squish: Super Amoeba.
  • My view of the day was slightly colored by forgetting to eat anything but a cheese sandwich. Very hungry!
  • However, we had an excellent group at Messy Art Club doing fingerpaint and it wasn't even that messy. I had the last-minute inspiration to use some of the overstock of tongue depressors I bought to scoop out the fingerpaint, which always glops too much and it worked great. We tested out some of our new fingerpaint from Discount School Supply and it's absolutely lovely.
  • I had a whopper group at Preschool Storytime, nearly twenty! We did a fish storytime, starting with Swimmy by Leo Lionni, then we read Swim Swim by James Proimos (Lerch) with swimming up and down motions with our hands. This one really touched a chord with the parents, who were all choking with laughter while the kids solemnly "swam" their hands up and down. Then we read I'm the biggest thing in the ocean by Kevin Sherry, with the kids naming the creatures that the squid is bigger than, we did "the animals in the ocean" to the tune of "the wheels on the bus" and finished up with Does a sea cow say moo? by Terry Harshman. The older kids liked this one, but the younger kids were getting wiggly. We used bleeding art tissue to "paint" cardboard fish, always a favorite project.
  • Three girls came in to start painting the hot air balloons for our tween area - they're going to hang from the ceiling at various points. They had fun and were very well-behaved!
  • Friday just sort of happened. I only worked a half day because I'm going to the Family Resource Fair on Saturday.
  • Our county Family Resource Fair was well-attended. I actually got the laptop and our ILS to work offsite this time, so I could distribute library cards, but I didn't find anyone who didn't already have one, which is good! Gave out some flyers, talked about programs, chatted with some neighboring librarians (they put us all together in a row) the one everyone was interested in was Lego Building Club, although I did give out some book club flyers and a couple parents were interested in our lapsit (baby) storytime. It was a long, hungry day from 8:45 when I started scraping snow off my car to 2pm when I scooped up all my stuff (and extras from librarians who had to leave or couldn't make it) and left to meet Sara-the-librarian for lunch and sticker hunting at the craft store. Phew!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like some great programs! I have to admit to being somewhat leery of messy crafts, but that is balanced by a library that is very hesitant to have messes in the library. But I think the twisty butterflies, would be perfect!

Jennifer said...

Awww, but messy is so educational! I will say I wish we had a room that was tiled and had a handy sink, sometimes I feel like I spend most of my time hovering over the kids making sure nothing spills.

Twisteez is really, really fun. A tad expensive, but you get a nice big hunk of wire and it lasts a long time - I got mine from S&S Worldwide a few years ago and I'm still using it!