Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Todd's TV by James Proimos

On the one hand, this is a funny story with odd but attractive art in grey and orange. Todd, neglected by his parents, is taken over by the tv, who turns out to be a pretty good parent - even better than Todd's own. But when the tv starts thinking about adopting Todd, his parents come to their senses, unplug the tv, and reclaim their son...until he wins a cool new prize....

So, funny story, weird but cool art, and of course we like the message - parents, don't let the tv raise your child. But...the reservation I have about stories like this (and all the "we love libraries" "we love reading" etc. stories as well) is, well, who is the audience? If you're checking this book out of the're probably not the kind of parent leaving your child to be raised by the tv. If you are that kind of parent, why would you read this book? I suppose it could be a funny reminder, but it seems to me that the parents likely to check this out will just get a guilt trip out of it - are we letting our kids watch too much tv? etc.

Verdict: Unbought for philosophical reasons as stated above. I'm willing to be convinced otherwise though.

ISBN: 978-0061709852; Published April 2010 by Katherine Tegen Books; Borrowed from the library

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