Friday, March 25, 2011

Zig and Wikki in Something ate my homework by Nadja Spiegelman and Trade Loeffler

Toon Books branches out with a nonfiction easy reader comic! Zig and Wikki are on their way to Grandma's house...across the galaxy! A wrong turn lands them on earth, but that's ok. Zig has to turn in a pet for homework and what better place to find one than a strange planet? As they look for an animal that would make a good pet - i.e., one that won't eat them! - they explore a simple pond life cycle, fly, dragonfly, frog, raccoon.

This is another great offering from Toon. Lively, colorful pictures with underlying earth tones contrast the environment of a pond with the alien Zig and Wikki. A funny narrative with plenty of nonfiction facts and a sly bit of humor here and there complete a readable and attractive story for beginning readers past the first stage.

Verdict: Buy it! Every easy reader section should have at least some Toon books and this is definitely a must-have. It's easy to neglect nonfiction in your easy reader section and this is a nice blend of story and fact. We've got two copies, since I won a complete set of Toon Books to add to the ones I already bought!

ISBN: 978-1935179023; Published April 2010 by Toon Books; Borrowed from the library; Purchased (and won) for my library


Melissa Taylor said...

I love the Toon Books but not this one - I thought it was weird. My kids didn't really understand it either. Maybe it's just us but I was disappointed.

Jennifer said...

Well, it's certainly a bit different than most of the other Toon books - it's for the oldest age level too, so maybe younger kids wouldn't appreciate it. I liked the mixture of facts and aliens.

I never liked Jack in the Box...I think it's creepy...