Saturday, July 30, 2011

This week at the library; or, down the homestretch

Only three more weeks. I can make it. Just three more weeks...

Monday - I had rather vaguely wished over the weekend I could have some time off. The universe snickered at me and I woke up on Monday feeling sick as a dog. Yay sinus infections. Miss Pattie had to go out of town, so I had to come in for Tiny Tots at 6:30. I got our reference assistant to cover my 9-1 shift, but I was working anyways because I had to cut out all the pieces for the sewing workshop at 3:30 and I had to cover her desk shift from 1-3, then get someone else to cover me while I did the sewing workshop. The sewing workshop went well - 9 girls had registered and most of them came and a couple brought friends and we had one drop-in. They all learned to thread a needle and they made a little pouch, which they all finished, despite tangling threads, and some impatience from the younger ones. Yay! We used the instructions from Jane Bull's Made by Me. By 6:30 I felt truly blah, plus a sore throat, and only 3 kids came to Tiny Tots, so it was a rather abbreviated storytime.

Tuesday - Last big Tuesday performer! We had Sandy Beneke of Pilgrimage Dance - all you Texans, she's moving down your way, so take advantage! Some great dancing and storytelling - and I have some new ideas for things to do in storytime for Narrative Skills. Miss Pattie had a huge toddler storytime this morning too.

Wednesday - Oh boy. Why do things go wrong at the worst possible times? 8am staff meeting, torrential rain, Head Start showed up an hour early at lapsit, instead of afterwards, still am not sure how that happened, so by the time our program on kids in motion with a local chiropractor started most of them had left, only 35 people came to Lego Club, probably due to the icky weather, and it was a looooong evening on the desk.

Thursday - Great Preschool Interactive, for some reason it's all girls this summer and they loved Roxie Munro's Hatch and doing cutting and glueing afterwards.

Friday - Small toddlers group - our Friday toddlers have been falling off, probably b/c of the construction. Just miscellaneous stuff, other than the printer and copier both going nuts, while I was on the desk of course.

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