Saturday, August 20, 2011

This week at the library; or, the calm before the storm

Phew! Summer reading over! I have two weeks to plan the fall programs in detail, order supplies, organize displays, do the publicity, etc. I'm also evaluating the summer reading program and thinking about how next year will be different!

This week I...

  • Finished all the September/October publicity (flyers, press releases, website, facebook, google calendar, brochures, and displays)
  • Put together the special display for September Make it and Take it
  • Wrote my share of the Sep/Oct newsletter
  • Visited CCBC with several other ys librarians in Madison
  • Summer reading report
  • Desk time, including Saturday
  • Had a visit from the YS consultant for our area
  • Reorganized all my programming resources and plans, check it out!
Question of the week: Do you think "well-written" and "good" books (and by that I mean books with good reviews, "depth", innovative formats, strong settings, etc.) automatically equal kid appeal?


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