Saturday, August 27, 2011

This week at the library; or, vacation only happens in my head

I always think the week(s) without programs will be more relaxing than they are. This week I...

  • Dealt with a truly massive influx of people on Monday, including two deaf patrons (we have a couple of regular patrons who are deaf and we kinda have rapport in place, but new people are hard b/c there's a lot to explain about how things work) a large group home with a list of requests ranging from movies with scenarios to talk about to Godzilla and King Kong books. At least five new families visiting for the first time, and a woman who spoke very little English but who braved the language barrier to ask me for books on painting flowers, reminding me once again that the five languages I have studied are useless. Then we had the kids who wanted Fly Guy books, of which I just purchased second copies of every title and shelved them on Friday. They were all gone. I need third copies!
  • Realized that my new organization of programming resources is not quite right and needs a little adjustment. Still trying to find the perfect organization that will be flexible and efficient. So I went home and spent the evening reorganizing my preschool interactive programs.
  • Tuesday was more program planning, I'm happier with the organization now and have started working on building up Preschool Interactive plans to choose from throughout the fall
  • Wednesday. Still working on Preschool Interactive and other fall programming, school contacts/visits/letters, new books, cleaning off desk, cleaning out Storyroom for the fall, searching for missing books from the inventory...
  • Thursday. More of the same.
  • Friday. Almost done with Preschool Interactive plans! Need to start sending out school letters and contacting teachers, only two responses from my early pokes so far.
In other thoughts, I'm unsatisfied with my planning in general. It's not going far enough. I've worked hard the last three years to offer programming to as many age groups and demographics as possible. I can see the spots where I'm not serving certain populations. Of course, I always have ideas for improvement. I have well-attended programs in general, lots of positive feedback, but I don't feel as though I've really crafted a long-term vision for the youth services department. I'm trying to think of a way to put something together that would encompass a vision for all areas of the department, physical space, programming, collection, and service that works towards a sustainable overall view of the department's services and future. Does anyone have such a thing for their department they'd be willing to share? 

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