Saturday, September 24, 2011

This Week at the Library; or, Back to school!

Monday - School visits started this week with my 6th grade visits at the middle school on Monday. I promoted programs and booktalked to various groups of sixth graders all morning and we all had fun, I hope! I did add one book to the list, Stuff that will scare your pants off! which I'll be reviewing in October. The hot items were the My Boyfriend is a Monster series and I think the mix I brought this time was good and most books got at least one ask. I did work on making sure I said the titles clearly, which I tend to forget in the excitement of booktalking! If anyone is interested in hearing my booktalks for any titles on the list, let me know! Long day, b/c I started at 7:30am and dragged home at 8:30pm. Phew!

Tuesday - Started yet another try at teen programming again. This time I'm trying a Teen Cafe program, like Miss Ami's. I had caramel popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, rubber band bracelets from The Hipster Librarian's Guide to Teen Craft Projects, mini journals from Tiffany Threadgould's Remake It, and locker magnets. I had all the books I talked at the middle school, plus other new teen books. I put out flyers, sent flyers to school, posted reminders on facebook and the website, and promoted it during my talks at the middle school.

6th graders came!! Yay! The rubber bands and locker magnets were favorite crafts, I signed 5 more kids up for my new Automatically Yours program, we discussed whether or not they wanted their checkouts tracked, and several of them took advantage of my "you can check out without a library card after programs" special policy (which I haven't really told anybody about so....shhhh)

Wednesday - I had FORTY PEOPLE at Preschool Interactive! Woo! We did the third storytime here and it was chaotic and crazy and fun! Our Lego Building Club numbers are up again - just took people a little while to get back from school.

Thursday - I worked the desk in the morning and then I took off on a little trip...I'll be back on Saturday! At 5am! Happily, I am not scheduled to work that day.

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Katie said...

I love your This Week at the Library posts - it's so interesting to see what other librarians do all day. I'm thinking of doing a Day in the Life post on my own story time blog one of these days!

Also, kudos to you for bringing in 6th graders. I'm working on brainstorming some ideas for our middle schoolers here as well.