Monday, October 17, 2011

Read Scary: Nonfiction Monday: Everything Sharks by Ruth Musgrave

I'm excited to show off a new book I bought for our library - Everything Sharks! You can never have too many "scary animal" books, and National Geographic Kids' Everything series has some great offerings.

This book is packed with tidbits of information, photos, art, facts, and more. There's a basic introduction to sharks, where we meet many different species and learn how a shark differs from a fish.
The second chapter tells us about a shark's life, from birth to diet and special abilities. We learn more about different shark species and some ancient shark history in the third chapter as well as how people study sharks and how sharks compare to humans. The last chapter includes more facts, but also blends in different activies and practical advice from avoiding shark attacks to making shark stamps.
Additional information includes how to help sharks who are threatened in the wild, where to go to see sharks in aquariums, a glossary combined with vocabulary-building exercises, and further resources.

This is a skimpier offering than National Geographic's Face to Face series, but well-suited for a younger audience that wants lots of facts and pictures. There's enough to whet the appetite of a younger reader or shark-enthusiast and the special activities are a nice touch.

Verdict: Highly recommended for all collections, add this one in conjunction with Face to Face with Sharks so kids who want to know more can move on to read further.

ISBN: 9781426308024; Published April 2011 by National Geographic; Borrowed from library; Purchased for the library

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