Friday, October 28, 2011

Read Scary: Pilot & Huxley: The first adventure by Dan McGuiness

Huxley is worried about his family's complete and unexplainable disappearance. He goes over to his best friend Pilot's house and they discover they have a bigger problem on their hands: Pilot's overdue videogame is the one thing a group of aliens need to take over the world.

Dumped into another dimension by Death (he's been looking for a job with more potential) Pilot and Huxley are suddenly trapped in a strange world with a sea of bees, their only hope a *gag* girl - probably with "interdimensional girl germs." The next thing they know, they're climbing up the nose of a giant monster and into even grosser places, just trying to get home and return Pilot's videogame.

This comic left me pretty cold - the mixture of silliness and gross humor and the "an eleven year old drew me" art style should have given this a Captain Underpants flavor, but some of the gross humor is just too gross - like the fast food restaurant that offers rat vomit dipping sauce. There isn't any overt violence, but it's definitely there behind the scenes and some of the jokes seem too old for most 8-12 year olds. All the reviews I looked at mentioned South Park in conjunction with this - I've never watched it, but...isn't that adult?

Verdict: This will certainly appeal to a lot of eleven year old kids, but it's just as likely to gross out and annoy an equal number of kids and parents. I have plenty of funny comics with...let's say, more taste, so I'll pass on this one. When I'm looking for popular culture influenced comics, I might as well get Spongebob, which has a wider audience and is less likely to line up disgusted parents at my desk. I want to see a little more justification of a plot line that includes the characters climbing up a giant slug's anus.

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ISBN: 9780545265041; Published January 2011 by Graphix; Borrowed from the library

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