Saturday, November 12, 2011

This week at the library; or, recovering from last week

I finished off the Week From Hell by having a car accident, so... Yay.

No programs Monday. Went home early because I was miserably sick and had to call insurance people.

Tuesday, Make it and Take it - 5 kids came and painted butterflies. Yep, this program is dead.

Wednesday, Preschool Interactive - it's hard to do storytime when you can barely croak. I forgot about an expected school visit, but it was ok since it was just a small group - the local special education school - and we read some stories and made butterfly masks. Then I croaked my way through a few hours at the desk and Messy Art Club. Our Messy Art Club theme was "What can you do with a leaf?" I had bags of leaves (I paid our middle schoolers in candy to collect them for me), crayons, paper, sandpaper, scissors, and glue. I put out various books and print outs to spark ideas - Look what I did with a leaf! by Sohi, Leaf Man by Ehlert, and ideas from Pink and Green Mama and MaryAnn Kohl. We had a decent showing - about 25 - despite the sudden appearance of snow. Having music playing cheered things up a bit as well.

No programs Thursday. Croaked and coughed my way through meetings and desk time.

No programs Friday. Cough.

(Ok, technically there are programs, but I'm not doing them so...)


Charlotte said...

How stinky for you! I hope this coming week is much much better.

Jennifer said...

I hope so too, but it's not looking good *morose face*

Ms. Yingling said...

I'm looking at it this way. Maybe next year will be better. Or maybe I'd better enjoy now more because next year will be worse. Sorry you had a bad week. An accident and a cold have GOT to make next week better! Take care of yourself.