Monday, January 16, 2012

Nonfiction Monday: Wild Baby Animals (series) by Ruth Owen

 I just couldn't resist sharing this adorable new series I just purchased for the library from Bearport!

Each book in the Wild Baby Animals series focuses on a different baby animal, both domestic and exotic. The spreads have photos in a variety of sizes with a chunk of text and header in large print. The first section is "Meet some (insert animal) cubs" then information about the animal, their habitat and an interesting fact. This is followed with facts about their birth and early years.

A glossary includes pictures and some simple definitions and there is also a little index and bibliography.

These are the perfect introductions to a variety of animals for beginning readers. The sentences are short and simple, with enough interesting vocabulary words to give readers a good mental workout! The photographs are adorable and plentiful, and the books are excellently formatted to give children an introduction to good nonfiction, with the back matter that is included.

The captions on the pictures would be unnecessary in a series for older children, but fit in this easy reader series by adding additional vocabulary.

I especially like the variety of animals included in this series, from raccoons to tiger, polar bears to skunks, beavers to arctic foxes. The books are small, about 7x7 inches, so they'll be comfortable for small hands to hold but won't disappear on the easy reader shelves. Sturdily bound, of course, and reasonably priced.

Verdict: If you are planning to update your easy nonfiction, this is a must-have animal series, affordable and high-interest. Recommended!

ISBN: 9781617721533 (series); Published January 2011 by Bearport; Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library

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