Saturday, February 4, 2012

This week at the library; or, I have a cold

Monday I have a cold. *Insert rant about tax forms here*

Tuesday I still have a cold. I also had a youth services committee meeting in the morning, errands to buy supplies, and an evening workshop on child abuse.

Wednesday The cold continues. Resisted the urge to go back to bed with my antihistamines and decongestants this morning and sniffled my way to work, where I croaked my way through Preschool Interactive (trying not to breathe on any of the kids), moved furniture, had a meeting about summer reading, and did Messy Art Club for a smaller group than usual, about 25 - beading, which seemed nice and mess-free and the kids were very enthusiastic, although there was some initial disappointment from some of my new friends who came to Elephant and Piggie and had thought Messy Art was going to be painting, so had changed into their old clothes. Sorry guys, we'll do decoupage next time. *cough*

Thursday Cancelled my dentist appointment so I could sleep in on my morning off. It is faintly possible that I will not die after all. Took all the publicity to 7 schools and visited Step Ahead Preschool, where I have a remote collection set up. Did as much planning as the cold medicines would allow, worked the evening, and then back to my beautiful bed at 8:30.

Friday Usually when I'm working a half day it's either 10-1 or 2-6, but today I was scheduled on the desk from 12-3. Which let me sleep in a little. Happy happy! New books from Kids Can Press - and a publisher has finally heeded my plea and provided middle grade chapter books that are NOT 400 pages long! They are an absolutely adorable small square size. Yay!

Saturday Almost all better (or as better as I ever get with chronic allergies) last bit of feeling sorry for myself, I promise. After I worked 10-2, I drove out to Milwaukee as I needed some program supplies. But I went out to dinner with Sara the Librarian too. Where we discussed my series project. We really should clock in for these meetings... (Yes, I know I haven't actually had Saturday yet, but what could go wrong?) (It turned out to be a very mathematical day...had an elderly gentleman asking me to explain Roman numerals...and then another guy wanting books on theoretical physics)

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