Saturday, February 18, 2012

This week at the library; or, NOW it snows!

Monday - must write myself a note, "shifting ALWAYS takes longer than you think it will!" Finally finished the shifting, after working all day Friday and today. Still have the labels to put on the shelves and all the collection development work for the series to do.

Tuesday - It took me THREE HOURS to print out the labels for the series. Of course, other stuff was going on. It was an insane morning. But still, three hours!! Then I had a ton of preparation for tomorrow's programs. Overall, it was a very Alexanderine day.

Wednesday - Gorgeous weather in the morning, which is probably why I had a smaller group at Preschool Interactive, 25. But lots of love for our food/farm stories and our new opening dance song, Boots by Laurie Berkner!
  • A gazillion things happened. Around 3pm I realized I felt woozy b/c I had forgotten to eat lunch. Oh well.
  • We made treasure boxes for Messy Art Club. 20? 30? people came. I had a bunch of premade paper mache boxes from various craft supplies, leftover scrapbooking paper, old magazines to cut up, stickers, tissue paper, and lots of glue. We used the glue to decoupage the boxes (or just stuck stickers everywhere). Lots of fun and I got several new people with younger kids coming over.
  • Finally left around 5:45. Got home and discovered glue on my pants. Probably from the after-program hugs with sticky fingers (-:) Cleaned it off. Ate some dinner. Found more glue. Decided to just throw the pants in the wash and walked over to Sara the Librarian's library, where she was working the reference desk, to plan the joint storytime we're possibly doing on Saturday.
  • Very tired.
Thursday  - Planning...still dealing with fallout from bundles. I cannot keep up!

Friday - Just worked a half day, because I'm working tomorrow. Ran errands in the morning (why do I always end up running errands for the library on my half day?) Then had desk time. Had planned to do a lot of things, but it was a very busy afternoon/evening and I was kept busy popping up and down. I stayed a few minutes later to finish a backup/download and took stuff home to work on...

Saturday - I went to our county's Family Resource Fair. I was sharing a table with Sara the Librarian and Miss Pattie had another program so I ran her table as well. We packed up my car a little before 9, got our table set up, and had a fair amount of people stop by. I brought masks and bookmarks and Sara the Librarian brought coloring stuff and popsicle sticks. We did a quick storytime midway through - too noisy for a really good storytime but a few kids dropped by. Got home around 2. Phew! Oh, and I learned the dire news that 4k in our town is going to be five days a week, instead of having Wednesdays off in the fall. Argh! There goes my preschool programming!

Oh, and my flannelboards can now be found at my blog Storytime Extras

Rant of the week...

The This is What a Librarian Looks Like thing really annoys me. I would be more annoyed but I am too tired. How many non-librarians actually read these things? And who the heck cares if we wear our hair in buns and have boring lives?And if I have to break librarian stereotypes and be "interesting" on top of being the only youth services librarian serving a population of approx. 24,000, including marketing, outreach, programming, reference, reader's advisory, fundraising/grant writing, collection development and being part of the management team, I am going to curl up in a ball and cry.


Ms. Yingling said...

I, too, think it is more important to DO MY JOB than revel in body piercing and whatnot because it challenges the stereotype. I have a sweater with a gigantic goose on it, plenty of sensible shoes, and cardigans and intend to rock them because it makes me happy. I am just impressed that you get through your exhausting week and don't show up (I'm assuming here, I know) in pajamas by Thursday!

Jennifer said...

I'm extremely casual - I spend most of the day with small children grabbing me, or racing back and forth from the stacks to my office, lugging piles of dusty books, and doing messy crafts so I dress accordingly. Plus, I grew up in a city where people wear flip-flops to the opera. I generally wear corduroys, t-shirts, and walking shoes during the winter (it's hot in our library) and khakis, t-shirts, and my beloved purple mesh propet travel walkers in the summer (when it's even hotter). I like my hair long, so I have a braid as thick as my wrist that's about waist-length right now and I usually coil it up in a bun. I have granny glasses because I never saw the point of contacts. I'm not averse to dressing "differently" I just don't think it's an end in itself.