Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympig! The triumphant story of an underdog by Victoria Jamieson

Boomer is determined to be the first pig to enter the Animal Olympics. He doesn't care about the discouraging remarks of his family, the nastiness of reporter Mr. Hamstring, or all the people who say he can't win. He's got his mom's support and he's practiced hard and will do his best. He's positive that it will all pay off.

Wrong. He loses at everything and has a temper tantrum. But...then he has one last chance to wow the judges. He gives it his all and...comes out with the lowest score ever. But that doesn't stop him from planning his next Olympic adventure.

Funny and a nice antidote to all the "do your best and you can't fail" pap that's out there. The pictures are amusing with small inset comic panels, comments from the various other animals, and various jokes hidden in the pictures.

Verdict: I read this several times, trying to figure out why I wasn't more impressed. Then I realized that without the message, this is just another average funny animal picture book. Add it if you want more books about winning/losing, but otherwise it's an additional purchase.

ISBN: 9780803735361; Published 2012 by Dial; Borrowed from the library

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