Saturday, August 25, 2012

This week at the library; or, the planning continues

Nothing too exciting this week, just planning, publicity, and more of the same. As of Wednesday about half our circulation staff is out sick with one thing or another. Some of them are soldiering on (people with overdues are gonna get a nasty shock when they hear L's rasping croak over the phone!) and some of them dropped by the library with their grandson to check out books and found themselves behind the desk checking in van delivery!

I let my summer aide go with great reluctance and pizza all around (NO, I didn't fire her! I only get her for the summer). She and my regular aide created awesome windows!

We also acquired a new library pet, Monty the praying mantis. Then on Tuesday someone brought in a BIGGER Monty and we traded up.

Guy delivering pizza, waiting patiently at my desk.
Me, racing up, "Sorry for keeping you, the grasshoppers got loose!"
Guy, looking around library, "uh...ok?"
Me, "It's a long story."

My one "program" thing was visiting a local group, the VIP Aktion Club. They are sponsored by Kiwanis Club and they put together fundraisers and then distribute the money to local groups that serve children. Many of the members are developmentally disabled. They do an amazing job raising money, Kiwanis just supervises and they run the whole club themselves, treasurer, secretary, etc. In the past, they've given me money to get our aprons (which we use practically every week!) other supplies, and legos. I basically talked about the three main programs I do (or am planning to do) Preschool Interactive, We Explore, and after school clubs and showed them how we incorporate early literacy and other developmental stages into our programming. Everyone enjoyed reading Don't let the pigeon ride the bus and I talked a little about adult programs and resources as well.

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