Saturday, September 1, 2012

This week at the library; or, Last week of planning!

More planning, planning, planning, enlivened only by my visits to two elementary school open houses (I handed out flyers on our after school programs), a dead rabbit (don't ask), and a 7:30am dentist appointment.

I now have completed all the publicity for our fall session of programming, detailed plans for Preschool Interactive, We Explore, Messy Art Club, and my scheduled monthly visits to one of our daycares. I'm still waiting to hear back from more teachers for school visits, so I'll be adding to the outreach schedules probably. I'll be posting all my program outlines and feedback on Thursdays and my outreach stuff on Tuesdays.

Our online registration opens on Saturday, but I'm not working Saturday (I will be sleeping after picking up my mom and sister at around midnight at the bus stop). School starts here on Tuesday...oh my, I just happen to be going on vacation. See you all September 10th, when programs begin...

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