Saturday, October 20, 2012

This week at the library; or, Puppets and rain and school visits

  • 17th, 10am, Preschool Interactive
  • 17th, 1:30pm, Daycare visit (offsite)
  • 18th, 9:30am, Daycare visits (offsite)
  • 18th, 10:45am, Kindergarten visit (offsite)
  • 18th, 3:30pm, Messy Art Club Monster boxes and monster bookmarks
  • 19th, 9:30am, Lakeland Little Learners tours
  • 19th, 10am, We Explore Kohls Wild Theater
Random Commentary
  • Last day of vacation on Monday. Ahhh, vacation.
  • Small and somewhat annoyed groups on Tuesday for Miss Pattie's Toddlers 'n' Books. WHY is the parking lot full and WHY are some empty spots blocked off? Answer: Bloodborne pathogen city workshop in the community room and they're working on the parking lot sealing cracks and repainting lines.
  • Entire parking lot blocked off on Wednesday morning when I came in, but a fair number of people showed up so they must have finished and unblocked it at some point.
  • Need to buckle down and make calls for We Explore sessions for the winter/spring because if I want the community room I have to book it NOW!
  • Suddenly realized Wednesday night that I had been thinking "I have time, I have time" to put together a plan for the 5 consecutive tours from Lakeland on Friday (led by the teachers, 20 kids each. I have not yet learned how to clone myself) and then I looked at my Thursday schedule and..uh...realized that the beautifully scripted tours in my head were probably not going to come to fruition. Ran through a frantic variety of tours whilst doing back to back outreach, desk time, and programming Thursday. Finally decided Thursday night to split the 100 kids into two groups, have our adult svs librarian run the upstairs, me the downstairs, switch, and that's it.
  • Did you see those late hours on Thursday? I stayed 45 minutes late to clean up and set up for Kohls Wild Theater, including taking down all the tables and stacking the chairs. I showed up early on Friday morning and THE WHOLE ROOM WAS FULL OF TABLES. Major miscommunication between city guys and parks and recreation department. Had to grab random staff to break everything down again and then the guys had to come set everything up again. Argh! (that's not what I said when I saw the tables, but this is a family-friendly blog)
Approximate Hours This Week
  • Tuesday 8:30-4:30
  • Wednesday 8:50-5:00
  • Thursday 9:30-6:15
  • Friday 8:45-4:30

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