Saturday, November 10, 2012

This week at the library; or, Back to programs!

  • Walworth Homeschoolers (outside group)
  • Toddlers 'n' Books 10 & 11am sessions (Miss Pattie)
  • Preschool Interactive
  • Books 'n' Babies (Miss Pattie)
  • Lego Club
  • Family game night (Miss Pattie)
  • Tour for St. Pat's kindergarten
  • We Explore an all natural Thanksgiving with the Welty Environmental Center
Random Commentary
  • I don't usually gush about the stuff that comes with review books, but Enchanted Lion sent me a packet with the most gorgeous postcards of their picture books - enough to share with all my librarian friends! Plus some left over to paper my bulletin board with Fox and Chicken postcards. Lovely.
  • My aide was gone Friday through Monday and the shelving imploded.
  • Realized during the Monday staff meeting that I had completely messed up the little scanning we did manage to complete, so Friday was pretty much a total bust.
  • Arrived on Monday. Panicked when I realized almost nobody had registered for We Explore - only 6 families and the kindergarten from St. Patrick's school (all 13 of them). Started calling schools to get some more kids. No luck, but maybe will hear back later.
  • Another joyous encounter with lexiles. At least this year G has a relatively understanding teacher who said she can read as low as 1100 and only has to complete two tests. Apparently her English grade is based on Reading Counts tests...and she has a lexile of 1300+. Did I mention she's in 6th grade and really likes Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, and other mysteries? Are these 1100+ lexile level? No, they are NOT. Her love of reading is dwindling with painful obviousness. I can usually find something she likes, sort of, but it's painful. 
  • Had better luck with purple sweatshirt girl who had seen a book at the Scholastic bookfair that looked exciting, but the lexile was too low, hence her request for "books about kidnapping in the 800 lexile." Happily for all concerned, most of Willo Davis Roberts' titles are in the 800 range and most involve kidnapping.
  • The idea fairy bopped me with an awesome idea for a middle school program, but do I have enough time? Probably not, but...really want to do it! It was a super SHINY idea!
  • More inventory annoyances. Grrrr.
  • We had a great group for We Explore after all! I did a tour beforehand with the 13 prek and kindergarten kids from the local Catholic school, then we all joined in the big room for the program. We had about 100 people! about 50 kindergarteners from the elementary school, the Catholic school kids, and about 40 families with quite a few homeschoolers. It was a great program with stories, crafts, and things to touch and talk about and the kids did a great job playing and learning together, although they were from very disparate groups. Lesson here, grownups!
Approximate Hours This Week
  • Monday 12-8
  • Tuesday 8:40-4:40
  • Wednesday 9-6
  • Thursday 9:40-5:30
  • Friday 9-4

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