Saturday, November 24, 2012

This week at the library; or, How much work can you get done in 4 days?

Random Commentary
  • For the health and sanity of all (and because people hardly ever show up anyways) we don't do programs Thanksgiving week. The homeschool group did come on Monday morning, accompanied by some snakes which was apparently a huge hit.
  • I spent most of the couple days we were open frantically trying to finish projects that should have been done a long time ago, including the program plans for the next three weeks, and trying to become accustomed to Baker and Taylor.
  • I am not accustomed. Right now I am hating that I have to click and scroll a gazillion times times to do something that in BWI took me about 3 seconds and 2 clicks. I am also hating all the junk that's crammed on the page, none of which I want, and which makes it difficult to see the things I DO want, especially when they're inserted in tiny type, instead of nice bold red like BWI.
  • Oh BWI, I miss you so much.
  • Decided to work on the budget for next year instead. Why does the money always look like so much until I start portioning it out and then suddenly it's all gone and I haven't budgeted for summer reading prizes!?
  • All the fish died. I am not really upset about this as I was ready to let the fish go (other staff were ready some months ago) but it was yet another thing in this crazy day.
  • The entire system, internet and ILS, crashed on Wednesday so I went home early. Plus, I was working Saturday and I had to go the middle school to retrieve some of our books that had mysteriously reappeared after a long absence.
  • Saturday was enlivened by an endless stream of phone calls "are you open?" and accompanying nasty remarks about the library being closed on Friday and a visit from the police but only ONE minor computer problem!
Approximate hours this week
  • Monday 12-8
  • Tuesday 9-5:15
  • Wednesday 9:15-12:30
  • Saturday 9:45-2

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