Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stripes and Spots by Dahlov Ipcar

I noticed a reprint of this title had been published and liked the cover, so I thought I'd look up the original. It's a really lovely book and one of those vintage titles that will still attract children today, even though it's a bit long for current picture book standards.

"Once there was a tiger, a little striped tiger. He was striped with stripes, beautiful black and gold stripes, from the top of his head to the tip of his tail." Thus begins the story of a tiger and a leopard cub and their adventures as they search for something striped and something spotted to eat. Happily, by the end of the story they both find something to eat - their mothers' warm, white milk. "Some things have stripes, and some things have spots, and some things are plain, but if they're good to eat, I don't care." says the little tiger, curling up for a lullaby.

The pictures are rich greens and browns, with the orange tiger and leopard stalking through the fantastic landscapes. There are thick black lines and touches of more orange in butterflies, flowers, and pools. The story reminded me of the cheerful briskness and satisfying rhythm of a classic Golden Book.

Verdict: Not many books, especially picture books, stand up to the passage of time but I think this one will make a fun storytime readaloud and be enjoyed by parents and children. Definitely purchasing the new edition.

(reprint edition) ISBN: 978-1934031704; Reprinted May 2012 by Islandport Press; Borrowed an original edition via inter-library loan; Purchased reprint edition.

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