Saturday, January 12, 2013

This week at the library; or, 2013 officially begins with vomit

  • 6th grade visits (4 programs total)
  • Lakeland (special school) visit
  • We Explore Healthy Snacking (Pattie)
Random Commentary
  • Ahhh, the first Monday of the new year. Problem with orders, staff meeting, budget meeting, inane computer questions, kid vomited all over the rug in the children's area, and then I spent the evening doing more orders. I am the queen of Amazon at my library.
  • Tuesday - middle school visit from 8am to 1pm, with a break for running errands. Another broken window. A large, mysterious stain on the carpet. 
  • Wednesday - Savage battle with publicity. You wanna know how much publicity I do? Behold. In a moment of weakness told the special ed school they could bring a class over tomorrow. Not really a big deal to prepare, but does mean I have to clean out the storyroom NOW, rather than on Friday. Or Monday. And I'll need to rearrange the room with chairs, b/c these are older kids...and big tables...well, I wanted more collaboration with them, so it's worth the extra work.
  • Thankfully remember that I am opening today. I normally work later on Thursdays. Got everything ready for the school visit, and even got lunch too. This group of kids are about preschool/kindergarten cognitively. I scooped up a bunch of my interactive books from the professional collection and they loved them all! We read There are cats in this book, Don't let the pigeon drive the bus, What will Fat Cat sit on?, The Cow loves cookies and Go Away Big Green Monster. Then I drove out to our system office for a goodbye to our youth services consultant. She'll be replaced by a contract position, which should be interesting.
  • Friday was our first program back, which I happily had nothing to do with since Pattie is the one outside performer I don't have to supervise. She's really more like a staff member that somebody else pays. Got the publicity done through March, but now I have to plan the programs! Shifting project only half-done. I was going to take publicity to the schools, but parents reported a bad accident - car accident maybe? and I thought better wait, as they are probably dealing with it. Hopefully, no one was hurt!
  • Monday 12-8
  • Tuesday 8-4:30
  • Wednesday 9-5
  • Thursday 9-4ish
  • Friday 10-6

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