Saturday, February 23, 2013

This week at the library; or, Again with the snow?!

Random Commentary
  • Monday felt very productive - lots of programs planned, many small projects completed, and I made significant inroads into the piles of collection development I brought back from ALA Midwinter. It didn't hurt that it rained most of the day and despite there being no school the library was pretty empty. I'm sure the circulation staff wouldn't agree with me though, since just in the evening while I was on the desk I think they gave out at least 5 new library cards!
  • Tuesday: I tried to do a webinar on puppets, but found I hadn't registered properly and with everything else going on just skipped it. Today was kindergarten registration. This used to be a huge thing with kids all over the place and several community groups (police, boy scouts, girl scouts, etc.) and I'd set up a table and have crafts. Now that 4K is in its second year, people don't register for kindergarten during this time and most of them have already gotten their 4K packets, so last year there was just a long line of parents turning in paperwork. Last year I went up and down the line handing out newsletters and getting people to sign up to receive the newsletter. This year I took a stack of library flyers and 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten folders to hand out, as well as a sign up sheet for the newsletter which I didn't use at all. I gave out 26 10KBK folders and about 20 flyers, met a few new families, connected with a couple people and that was it. I'm not sure if this was worth an hour and a half of my time or not. I did leave stuff on the handout table, but I didn't see anybody look at the table while I was there, so...
  • Wednesday was a looooong day. Preschool Interactive, an outreach visit, lots of questions at the desk, then I stayed for our Friends meeting as they were planning to restructure the budget. It was well past 8 by the time I left and I will admit the thought of just sleeping in the storage room is occasionally tempting...
  • Nice big group at Lego Club - about 50 people and many new attendees.
A few weeks ago I got my review books and tbr shelves all arranged...and now I don't feel like tackling them! I bought a kindle and have been fiddling around with it, figuring out how to download galleys from Netgalley and reading many trashy romances only available in ebook. I'm a little frustrated with the galleys now, since only one of them downloaded correctly from Netgalley - the others show up in weird formats with capital letters everywhere or half the page missing. It's pretty clear that only chapter book galleys will work and I use Netgalley to review a lot of children's nonfiction, so that's kind of frustrating. But I am enjoying my trashy romance. Yes, this is the main reason I bought the kindle. Redneck shapeshifters! I'm also re-reading Georgette Heyer mysteries, Ngaio Marsh, and Elizabeth Peters. I'm having a break (yes, reviews will continue to post - I have them scheduled to about mid-March)

Finally, I am thinking about migrating all my library programs to a new blog and keeping this one mainly book reviews. I'd still do This Week at the Library and link over to the programs I did that week. Of course, this means I need a super clever name for a new blog...

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Ms. Yingling said...

I sort of wish I had named my blog "Tissues up my cardigan sleeve", but that's just me. I find the variety on your blog interesting, but I can also see splitting reviews and programming. Snow should end soon. Did you get a Kindle Fire? I find the Nook better for E ARCs, but have to read the nonfiction on a laptop because the pictures don't come out well on my Nook.