Saturday, March 23, 2013

This week at the library; or, Last week before Spring Break! and Snow, Snow, Snow

Random Commentary
  • Just to make sure I appreciate Spring Break, I had all my outreach visits this week. When it's not outreach week, I always start thinking of more outreach I could do, then outreach week arrives and I realize that my voice barely lasts through three storytimes in a row and I simply cannot do more without skipping meals, working 10 hour days, or cutting something else. I have become determined to make sure these kids graduate 4K knowing the difference between mammals and reptiles; amphibians would be a bonus.
  • I was going to finish my storytime and other program plans through May, but I'm still waiting for some of the books and ended up putting together a bunch of reading lists and cleaning out my signs/displays/handouts/reading lists folder and doing a bunch of other little things. You can check out my many awesome reading lists here under the reading lists tab.
  • Again with the snow? This is because I saw one little green spear in my garden, isn't it? However, it warmed up a bit by Thursday and I had about 50 people at Lego Club, including a deaf family that I've been trying to invite to programs for almost a month now and several new families and return visits from people who have been away because of the weather, sickness, school activities, etc. As I was leaving, a group of very forlorn Brownies showed up, saying they had somehow got locked out of the school and could they meet at the library because they were FREEZING so we put them in the teen room and the teens playing Magic went off to the quiet reading area.
  • Our ballet program has been in the works for a long time. The Dance Factory, which is located in the next town over (a whole five minutes away) asked if they could do a demo of their Angelina Ballerina program last fall, but we didn't have a date that worked for both of us until now. With my patrons and the people from the other towns (they encouraged their Angelina Ballerina dancers to come) we had about 60 people. I had expected more dancing, but they didn't realize we had so much space and were also a little worried about stepping on the toes of the dance studio in our town, Toe to Toe (heh. see what I did there?) so they mostly read Angelina Ballerina stories with actions. However, now that they've gotten a look at our space and I've assured them that I will be doing other collaborations with the other dance studio (or I plan to anyways) we'll have some more programs with more dancing and music. Anyways, the parents loved it, the kids had fun, only the really little ones got super wiggly, and they all checked out lots of my ballet books I had collected and put on hold.
  • I went home early on Friday because I work Saturday, so I was not at the library when the internet for the whole system crashed - apparently one too many people were watching March Madness basketball on the computers?!
  • Saturday - crazy, busy, phew!

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