Saturday, March 9, 2013

This week at the library; or Thinking about next year

Random Commentary
  • The cover on the latest issue of American Libraries annoys me. It's supposed to represent the Emerging Leaders but looking at the photos on the inside does not match what I see on the cover. White girl in the front, of course, all three super skinny and, in my opinion, drawn to go with what I frequently see as a push to reimage librarians as young, urban, and hip. Not that some librarians aren't, but would it have killed them to NOT put a skinny girl on the cover?
  • I made a lot of changes last year to our programming structure and scheduling. I don't want to make constant changes, but now that we've been doing it this way for over six months, I see some potential changes I would like to make. I had a three-day weekend and I spent some of it designing a survey, tentative schedule, and thinking how I would present it to my director, school colleague, and patrons. When the idea fairy strikes, you just have to go with it!
  • Cancelled Toddlers 'n' Books on Tuesday in expectation of a heavy winter storm. Turned out snowy, but not really enough to justify cancelling, but people have to expect that when I've got an outside programmer like Pattie who doesn't work in the library.
  • The Headstart visit was just a tour, then Pattie did a storytime and they had lunch. It's 0-3 Headstart, so this is mostly her age anyways.
  • Then I found one of my new books with crayon scribbles all over it.
  • And...the bunny...the toilet...WHY?
  • This was a long week. After having Monday off, I stayed late on Tuesday because I got caught up in some stuff, then MSM took longer to clean up than I expected and I stayed late Wednesday, then I stayed really late on Thursday to meet some of our interviewing candidates...but I did go home early on Friday!

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