Saturday, April 20, 2013

This week at the library; or, Rain, Rain, Rain

Random Commentary
  • Cleaned out a space in the basement to store my recyclables. "Cleaned" is relative - due to several floods (and a sewage leak) the basement is, to put it mildly, ICKY. I brought a clean shirt to change into but what I really needed was a full-body disinfecting.
  • Now I need to figure out something to do with some large stashes, notably approximately 3500 pencils from a defunct bank and a  huge box of seashells.
  • Dealt with a number of staff/scheduling issues. On the one hand, an assistant/more staff would be great on the other hand I can barely handle what I've got now! I am learning how to be a better supervisor, sloooowly.
  • One of our elementary schools was flooded, so we had a lot of kids and parents showing up at the library all day - and at Lego Club, since they were all crazy with being cooped up in their houses by then! 60 people came, which is my best guess since it's impossible to keep track.
  • Summer things I'm working on right now - summer reading logs for The Learning Curve (they're going to be my test site and next year I'll add the BIG daycare), adapting Marge Loch-Wouters' program for my Rubber Ducky Readers summer reading program, making summer reading publicity for the schools, general summer publicity, May/June newsletter and calendars. Since I have to have the May/June newsletter articles in by MONDAY I'm running in to some snags since my summer reading isn't planned. Usually I spend months running it by other staff and making sure we iron out all the wrinkles, but with everything that could possibly go wrong going wrong (the only thing that hasn't happened is a flooded basement!) I am just going to do the best I can and people can give me feedback for next year.
  • I don't usually talk much about authors, but I'm sad to hear that E. L. Konigsburg has passed away. In grad school I spent hours on a Greyhound, spent the night in the bus station, and tramped across half the city in the snow just to hear her speak - and it was worth every minute.

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