Saturday, June 15, 2013

This week at the library; or, Summer Reading Week 1

Random Commentary
  • Summer is in full swing. I still have empty program slots in July, I haven't even looked at the ALA conference schedule, and none of my storytime plans are finished, but we're having fun anyways!
  • In addition to the programs list above, Pattie also started back her storytime list (Tiny Tots, 2 sessions of Toddlers 'n' Books, Books 'n' Babies) and I also attended a 3 hour supervisor workshop on Thursday.
  • My director misplaced a stack of bills which reminded me...I lost a receipt! Where is it! Panic ensues! Resignation sets in. I must grovel and fill out forms and try to remember everything I bought...swimming pools...cupcake mix....sigh.
  • I must have underestimated from last year - we are already running out of bookmarks and we have had to print way more super reading club sheets than I had anticipated.
  • On the other hand, almost nobody came to Preschool Interactive. I am trying to imagine a library with no preschool storytime.
  • A decent number - about 8 - dropped in to play Wii. It was set up for four hours, so that's about 2 kids an hour and approximately 20 trips up and down the stairs to keep an eye on the room. 65 people showed up to Lego Club, which is about what I expect for summer. It always feels like more because they tend to stay longer than during the school year. Lots of new families, which is exciting.
  • In the first step towards my Neighborhoods Manifesto, I have received permission to add series information to our juvenile fiction call #. Yay!
  • Great crowd for boats - I have decided to make my summer we explores all drop-ins, similar to messy art club.
  • Also had several groups from summer school drop by to pick out books in their *choke* lexile levels. Some we knew were coming, some were a surprise, but they were all well-behaved and at least they're reading!

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Liviania said...

Yay for series information! I hate finding a series on the shelf and not being able to figure out what order the books go in.