Saturday, July 20, 2013

This week at the library; or, Book Sale week!

Random Commentary
  • It's all downhill from here. Monday went by in a swirl (heh heh) of toilet plunging, minor catastrophes, and general Mondayishness.
  • We had an awesome group for Duke Otherwise on Tuesday and he was a great performer, very fun, friendly, and connected wonderfully with the kids, I hope we'll have him back again for future Storywagons. We had 82 kids and parents (for our town that means about 60 kids and 20 adults btw) which is a really good number for a performer we haven't had before.
  • Then we had an "accident" in the children's area, a chat with a patron reminded me that I need to turn in a local grant request NOW, I found out Pattie will be out of town and I've got 3 storytimes to cover in two weeks and our director brought back news of a particularly....exciting city council meeting. I am thinking I better recreate my resume and references (lost when my computer crashed) now rather than later.
  • Wednesday. Had a good group for storytime, too hot to think or really do anything though. So. Hot.
  • Thursday. Starting with the little girl who cut her hand on the youth services desk (whatever idiot thought sharp corners on the children's desk was a good idea?), continuing with a whole mess surrounding the community room (it's in the library, but booked through parks and recreation and a whole bunch of other stuff involved with that is going on) and then standing outside in the sun for Messy Art Club. I ended about 15 minutes early b/c everybody had left.
  • Friday. I repeated the same thing for We Explore that I did for Messy Art Club. Fortunately, it was a little cooler. Not much, but a little. Friday's catastrophe was the appearance of huge, sopping wet stains on the children's area carpet. They are a total mystery. They are HUGE, several feet in diameter and soaking wet. We are baffled.

Oz display made by my aide
Oz display and movie poster

Emerald City of Oz

Storywagon: Duke Otherwise


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