Monday, August 12, 2013

Nonfiction Monday: Wild Animal Neighbors by Ann Downer

I reviewed a very complete overview about urban wildlife last December, City Critters by Nicholas Read. I thought it was a really good overview, but unfortunately it proved a bit long for my library patrons and really hasn't circulated much. Sigh. So, when I saw Lerner had a similar title that was shorter, and I could pick it up on sale, I added it.

This is more a selection than an overview, with each chapter talking about a specific animal. Some, like the black bear in the introduction, are actual animals and some are more general, like raccoons. The book covers raccoons, mountain lions, crows, coyotes, flying foxes, sea turtles, and alligators. Each chapter tells some stories about how these animals live in an urban habitat and gives information about their habits, behavior, adaptation, and how they are faring in the cities.

The epilogue discusses some of the issues with wildlife in the city that were touched on in the different chapters and the book includes a bibliography, index, notes, and sources for further information.

Verdict: This is a better book for kids wanting to dip into interesting stories about animals in the city and learn some information along the way. It's not as in-depth as City Critters, but kids looking for some quick resources or an interesting read will enjoy it. I recommend purchasing both, but if you only have money for one I'd get Wild Animal Neighbors, since it will appeal to a larger audience.

ISBN: 9780761390213; Published 2013 Twenty-First Century Books/Lerner; Purchased at ALA Annual 2013

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