Saturday, August 10, 2013

This week at the library; or, The End of Summer! Will it be the end of me also?

Random Commentary
  • Monday needs only two words...EXPLODING TOILET
  • I was exhausted for most of this week (I counted it out and realized I'd only had about 20 hours of sleep the whole week. That may have contributed) and we had the usual patron outrage that their child didn't receive the prize/pass etc. that they wanted (one girl looked in the prize box, looked at me and said "all the good prizes are gone. these are the worst prizes I have ever seen.") but it is OVER.
  • aaaaand, that finishes the 9 weeks of summer! I am taking off tomorrow for a week; going home to Austin in August is not my ideal vacation, but it just worked out this way. I plan to sleep most of the time anyways. When I get back, I will be posting more about summer reading and statistics. You want a statistical breakdown of my prizes right? Well, you're going to get it.
  • Last year, this week almost killed me. I did Friday programs through August, I had a Scholastic bookfair the last weekend of summer reading (Thursday - Saturday) and when it came to that final end of summer reading party I Did Not Care. I just threw some stuff out there and about 25 people wandered in. Which was fine. However, I thought carefully about what I wanted for this year and in the future and we had no Friday programs in August, no bookfair, and a more specific end of summer program - The Book Experience - which I hope to make a tradition. On the one hand, it was disappointing b/c I had hoped to get people interested in volunteering to come in and run a table. On the other hand, it was really easy, not least b/c I told my aides they were basically in charge and to have fun.
  • Summer reading will continue unofficially - kids can still drop off their logs and bookmarks to pick up prizes, but we won't hand out any more materials, I've called the teen grand prize winner, and decided on the official Queen of Summer Reading.
  • See you in a week! I will probably not have internet access, so any comments you leave won't be approved until next weekend.
Selected highlights of the summer!

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Ms. Yingling said...

Entitled children. Grrr! That's when you say "i'm sorry you don't like the prizes; you don't have to take one. I'm sure someone else will want them." I remember when Surly Teen Boy was 8; he read (seriously) about three hours a day and took all of his 200 tickets and put them in for the Dragonology book- and didn't win. He was so disappointed but didn't say a word. Yiu can guess what he got for his birthday, but it wasn't the same!