Friday, September 13, 2013

Rose by Holly Webb

When I think of Holly Webb, I think of her magical animals series, beginning chapter books which I believe are kind of a cross between Puppy Place and Rainbow Magic fairies. However, I was requesting some UK books on Bookmooch and the cover of this caught my eye so I asked for it as well.

I am in love. Utterly in love. Sometimes you get tired of all the unique, breathtaking, new, different books and just want a good, satisfying orphan fantasy.

Unlike her friends at the orphanage, Rose never dreams of her family coming to find her or of something magical happening to her. Her most magical dream is to get out of the orphanage and become a housemaid, which will give her a freedom beyond anything she's ever known. When a housekeeper collects her to housemaid for the mysterious Mr. Fountain, Rose is thrilled - and determined never to tell anyone about the mysterious pictures she's been seeing in shiny surfaces. But Mr. Fountain is a famous alchemist, magic really does exist, and Rose soon gets caught up in an evil plot involving a wicked witch, some bewitching glamours, a talking cat, and missing children.

This book was just, so, satisfying. Plenty of peril, but you know it's going to come right in the end. The snobby children turn out to not be so bad, but nobody is a perfect little angel. There's no magical, over the top happily-ever-after, but a good solid ending with room for more adventures for Rose and her friends. The cover isn't quite ideal, it's a bit more British than I'd like, but I can live with it.

Verdict: I was thrilled to discover that the Rose books are being published in the US this fall! They'll have new covers, which are quite attractive, and I can't wait to booktalk them to kids. I think kids will devour these, especially those kids who like a good, solid magical orphan story. *sigh of happiness*

ISBN: 9781408304471; Published 2009 by Orchard Books; Received through Bookmooch; Added new editions to the library's tentative order list

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