Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cybils Statistics

It is the Eve of Cybils Shortlist announcements!

Every year I've done something a little different for a Cybils statistics post. My first year, 2009 (Easy Readers/Early Chapters), I posted a list of all my reviews and what I was doing with the review copies. In 2010, (Fiction Picture Books) I reviewed every single title and had only energy enough for a quick commentary on the shortlists of various categories by the end. In 2011 (Nonfiction Picture Books), I posted a more complex shortlist commentary, but I also broke down all the nonfiction nominations by subject, type of illustration, etc. In 2012 I was on the Graphic panel and also took over Nonfiction Picture Books as category chair. I posted a list of all the Cybils titles I purchased for my library as well as a break-down of the graphic nominations by genre. I also posted a reflection on collaboration and the benefits of Cybils (in addition to reading lots of great books!).

This year I have a running list of every Cybils nomination I've reviewed, but I also returned to my first love, Easy Readers/Early Chapters and continued as chair of the newly reorganized Elementary/Middle Grade Nonfiction categories. SO MUCH DATA. I've mostly looked at titles libraries would have on their shelves, so the data doesn't include several self-published or very small press items. My library is in a consortium of 42 libraries, with access to a huge range of libraries across the state, in case you're wondering if I had a truly representative sample.

Early Chapters: 44 nominations
  • 30 titles (estimate) were entries in a series. 2 titles from the same series were nominated from 3 series.
Early Chapters: The protagonists
  • Girls
    • Amelia Bedelia means business
    • Clementine and the spring trip
    • Nancy Clancy secret admirer
    • Heidi Heckelbeck goes to camp
    • Ivy and Bean take the case
    • Kelsey Green, reading queen
    • Like bug juice on a burger
    • Lulu and the cat in the bag
    • Lulu and the dog from the sea
    • My happy life
    • Princess Posey and the new first grader
    • Starring Jules as herself
    • Starring Jules in drama-rama
    • Stella Batts who's in charge
    • Big hairy secret
    • Gum girl: chews your destiny
    • Two and only Kelly twins
    • Violet Mackerel's natural habitat
    • Violet Mackerel's remarkable recovery
  • Boys
    • Calvin Coconut extra famous
    • Danny's doodles
    • Ellray Jakes and the beanstalk
    • Gone fishing
    • Home sweet horror
    • Iggy Loomis
    • Super Schnoz
    • Life of Ty penguin problems
    • Notebook of Doom: rise of the balloon goons
    • Dragonbreath: the case of the toxic mutants
  • Group of indistinguishable friends OR gender not clearly defined OR both genders get equal time
    • No-Sneeze Pet
    • Campfire crisis
    • Jo Schmo shifty business
    • Milo and Jazz, case of the locked box
    • Sidney and Sydney: Third Grade Mix-Up
  • Other: Adults, anthropomorphic adult animals, inanimate objects, etc.
    • Mysterious traveler
    • Barefoot book of Jewish tales
    • Three-Ring Circus 
    • Claude in the city
    • Arnie the Doughnut
Early Chapters: Other data
  • Children with divorced parents
    • Calvin Coconut
    • Violet Mackerel
    • Calvin Waffle (secondary character in Danny's Doodles)
  • Children with deceased parents
    • My happy life
    • Big hairy secret
    • Third grade mix-up
    • Home sweet horror
  • Children of color (has to be main protagonist, not a friend thrown in for the purposes of diversity)
    • Calvin Coconut
    • Ellray Jakes
    • Lulu (2 titles)
    • Mysterious Traveler
    • Milo and Jazz
    • Gum Girl
  • Children in poverty or lower middle class (or at least not in suburban middle class or wealthier; this is hard to define)
    • Clementine
    • Big hairy secret
Genres (other than contemporary, realistic fiction (home/school/friends)
  • Fantasy (4 of these are faux superheroes)
    • Dragonbreath
    • Big hairy secret
    • Iggy Loomis
    • Shifty business
    • Super Schnoz
    • Gum girl
  • Horror
    • Home sweet horror
    • Notebook of doom
  • Other
    • Arnie the doughnut
    • Claude in the city
    • Mysterious traveler
    • Barefoot book of Jewish tales
    • Three-ring rascals
Easy Readers: 39 nominations
  • Picture Book Tie-Ins:
    • Fancy Nancy Apples Galore
    • Splat the cat blow snow blow
    • Very Fairy Princess teacher's pet
    • Tony Baloney school rules
  • Seuss-Style Silliness
    • Pet named Sneaker
    • Squirrels on skis
  • 2 Friends (adult - Frog and Toad style)
    • Ant and Honey Bee
    • Bink and Gollie best friends forever
    • Dodsworth in Tokyo
    • Inch and Roly and the very small hiding place
    • Joe and Sparky go to school
    • Monkey and elephant get better
    • Mr. Putter and Tabby drop the ball
    • Pinch and Dash and the terrible couch
  • 2 Friends (children)
    • Elephant and Piggie (2 titles)
    • Fly Guy and the Frankenfly
    • Ling and Ting share a birthday
    • Monkey and robot
    • Spooky friends
    • You can do it
  • Graphic Novels
    • Elephant and Piggie (2 titles)
    • Benjamin Bear in Bright Ideas
    • Otto's backwards day
    • Patrick eats his peas
    • Robot go bot
    • Big wet balloon
  • Other
    • Car goes far
    • Dig Scoop Ka-Boom
    • Love is in the air
    • Me too!
    • Missy's super duper royal deluxe class pets
    • Murilla Gorilla jungle detective
    • Penny and her marble
    • Poppy the pirate dog
    • Buddy to the rescue
    • Squirrel's fun day
    • Meanest birthday girl
    • Twinky the dinky dog
    • Urgency Emergency big bad wolf


Terry Doherty said...

Wow, Jennifer. What an interesting - and more importantly useful - data set. I'm looking forward to reading through some of your previous summaries.

Franki said...

WOW--so interesting! Thanks for sharing this with us!