Saturday, December 21, 2013

This week at the library; or, Starting to finish everything

Random Commentary
  • I took off Monday and Tuesday to do fun things then I had my last outreach visits on Wednesday and Thursday, sort-of interviews for the aide position (it seems silly to have a whole sit-down interview for a six-hour a week shelver. Basically we just wanted to meet them.) and miscellanous stuff.
  • Other projects this week included: cleaning off my desk, cleaning out the storyroom, publicity for next year, Maker Kits for next year, my sections of the newsletter, working on programs for next year, weeding, processing new books, and sorting donations. Some of these things barely got started...
  • We had a fairly massive ice storm Thursday night, so Friday was very quiet. I meandered in late, since it took a while to get the ice off my car (and decide whether I wanted to risk the drive at all)
  • Then I worked Saturday. Crazy!
Our new flannel and magnet boards (you can hang backgrounds on both, but the white one on the left is really a magnet board)

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