Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Princess Posey and the new first grader by Stephanie Greene, illustrated by Stephane Roth Sisson

This has a really similar theme to the Heidi Heckelbeck book I was just looking at (last November - scheduling means my reviews are never chronological). They're both about a new girl coming into an established group of friends, although in this case Posey's coming from the established group viewpoint, rather than the new girl.

Posey is perfectly happy. She loves reading and is looking forward to getting into the highest group - blue dots. She has a marvelous pretend game to play - magic land. She can't wait to see her two friends at school. But when she arrives, there's a new girl! Grace has long hair like a princess. Grace has pretty yellow princess clothes. Grace sits on Posey's reading cushion and changes Posey's hopping game. Grace is stealing Posey's friends! The last straw comes when Grace tells Posey she has cow lips! It takes a little gentle help from their teacher to straighten things out and get everyone calmed down. Posey does some quiet thinking, especially when she finds out that Grace is in the bottom group for reading, and decides that maybe she does have room for a new friend; and she knows just how to make her new friend feel welcome.

I've loved Princess Posey since I saw her first adventure, Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade. I constantly recommend her to parents who are sick of Junie B. and little girls who want realistic stories with just a little sparkle to them. Princess Posey is an utterly realistic little girl. She's not perfect, she's not a brat, she's not the class clown, she's just a very ordinary little girl with likes and dislikes, friends, and her own little quirks and imaginative games. Stephanie Sisson's soft pencil drawings are a good addition to Princess Posey's cheerful world and her trials and triumphs.

Verdict: This is another beginning chapter series that is a must-have. Spot-on realistic and with gentle lessons that kids won't even realize they're absorbing while they enjoy reading about Posey and her friends. Highly recommended.

ISBN: 9780142427637; Published 2013 by Puffin/Penguin; Borrowed from the library

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